The Purpose of 'Free' Mandatory State Schooling

The following from John Taylor Gatto

  • History of mandatory STATE CONTROLLED public education

    Education was not once controlled by the State. Traditional forms of instruction in America, even before the Revolution, had three good specific purposes:

    1. To make good people
    2. To make good citizens
    3. And to make each student find some particular talents to develop to the maximum.

    The new mass schooling which came about slowly but continuously after 1890, had a different purpose, a "fourth" purpose.

    The fourth purpose steadily squeezed the traditional three to the margins of schooling; in the fourth purpose, school in America became like school in Germany, a servant of corporate and political management. We should reveal the mechanism of mind control training, habits, and attitudes.

    Children are deliberately trained in bad habits and bad attitudes.

    Teachers and principals, “scientifically”certified in teachers college practices, are made unaware of the invisible curriculum they really teach.

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