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Do you control the culture or does the culture control you?

There's much in life that you can't control. Wisdom is taking control of what you can. You can start any moment you want. You control the pace. Begin now, stop cooperarting just one small thing you do voluntarily. Cutting off television is one. Obsessing on the internet is one. YOU control that, no one but you. Only you can take back control of what you can, one thing at a time. You will find you control more than you think you do.Rolex Replica Rolex Replica

John Taylor Gatto on Education

  • Parents determine education, not state

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    How to opt out of the death culture

  • Television: techtronic mind control

  • NEW: HDTV and SSSS Signal

  • The system is one big Indian reservation

  • non-violent revolution made simple: just don't cooperate

  • The Didache (The Teaching) c. 50 CE

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